Family Group Conference Volunteer

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We are looking for advocate volunteers to assist in supporting vulnerable family members, to participate in a Family Group Conference. A family group conference is a process led by family members to plan and make decisions for a child who is at risk. This could be supporting parents who may struggle to express their views. The role of the advocate for any vulnerable adult at the Family Group Conference (FGC) can be essential to its success.

The advocate should be clear with the participant about the limits of confidentiality. When applied in a FGC context, without compromising the safety of the child, the core goal of advocacy is twofold:

  1. to empower parents to participate in this Children’s Services FGC process from an informed position, speaking for themselves wherever possible, and

  2. to promote good communication, and a positive working relationship, between the parents and the local authority.

Volunteers Say

I am proud to make a small contribution to a service I believe in - empowering families to resolve their own difficulties with support for a limited time.

Please note, this role requires both an employer and character reference. If this is a difficulty for you, please contact the Volunteer Team on 01823 359200 /